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New Dawn: Live 1973

A 8 track fusion album (1h 17m 18s) — released March 1st 2024 on British Progressive Jazz

Previously unreleased. Stereophonic sound.

Tracks 1 - 4 recorded at Salle Pleyel, Paris, France, 27th July 1973.

Tracks 5 - 8 recorded at Festival de Jazz, Amphithéâtre, Châteauvallon, France, 21st August 1973.

Pat Smythe - piano, Fender Rhodes

Allan Holdsworth - guitar

Daryl Runswick - double bass

John Marshall - drums

Previously unreleased and captured in 1973, "New Dawn" by the Pat Smythe Quartet offers a rare glimpse into a pivotal moment in jazz fusion history, particularly for fans of guitarist Allan Holdsworth. Recorded across two dates in France, the eight-track album showcases the virtuosic quartet at the intersection of jazz fusion, jazz rock, and Latin American influences, featuring an early and electrifying performance by Holdsworth, a pioneer of the genre.

Pat Smythe (piano/electric piano): A veteran of Joe Harriott's groundbreaking ensemble, Smythe's avant-garde sensibilities underpin the quartet's fusion experiments.

Allan Holdsworth (guitar): This early recording captures Holdsworth on the cusp of his meteoric rise, showcasing his already-astonishing technical brilliance and emotive playing that would later reshape the landscape of fusion guitar.

Daryl Runswick (double bass): Navigating both classical and contemporary realms, Runswick's versatile basslines provide a steady foundation for the ensemble's sonic explorations.

John Marshall (drums): Steeped in the avant-garde tradition, Marshall's percussive mastery, honed in Soft Machine, adds rhythmic complexity to the quartet's sound.

The eight tracks on "New Dawn" traverse a vibrant spectrum of influences, encompassing jazz fusion, jazz rock, and even Latin American rhythms. Opening with Holdsworth's "Golden Lakes," the album then delves into Smythe's compositions, like "Rank's Vibe" and "Village Greene," showcasing the interplay between his piano work and Holdsworth's guitar.

Edu Lobo's "Casa Forte" provides a brief but captivating detour into Latin territory, while Holdsworth's own "Floppy Hat" pushes the boundaries of fusion with its intricate textures. In contrast, "Waiting For The Walrus" offers a glimpse into the quartet's avant-garde roots, harking back to Smythe's early days with Joe Harriott.

However, it's the title track, "New Dawn," and the collaborative epic "British Rail" that truly encapsulate the heart of the album. These compositions serve as prime examples of the quartet's ability to merge Smythe's avant-garde past with the burgeoning sounds of the future.

"New Dawn: Live 1973" stands as a significant contribution to the history of jazz fusion. It documents a pivotal moment in the Pat Smythe Quartet's trajectory, showcasing their mastery of the genre and their willingness to push its boundaries. As listeners delve into this rediscovered treasure, they gain a deeper understanding of the innovative spirit that defined the group and the broader fusion movement of the 1970s.

Artwork by Piergiorgio Cupellini.

Original audio source - Public domain.

This audio restoration and remaster by British Progressive Jazz © 2024

Composers: 2, 3, 6, 7 - Pat Smythe; 1, 5 - Allan Holdsworth; 8 - Pat Smythe/Allan Holdsworth; 4 - Edu Lobo.

Very special thanks to: Fabio Loli, Pat Thomas, Zil Bareisis, Matt Leivers, Kirk Annett, Nigel Atkinson, Kelly N. Wiggin, Wayne Duncan, Andrew Naylor, Arno Kolster, Richard Hammond, Wang Xj, Robert Mallett, Mark Huggett, Collin Markum, Stuart Ansell, Seton Hawkins, Daniel Parker, Michael Steininger, Paul Nightingale, Dafydd Lewis, Jasper Maudsley.

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